What is the best credit card readers for 2021? Meet here!

In this article you will be able to choose the best credit card readers to use in your business in 2021. Check out the 3 best options!

Looking for a good credit card readers to buy in your new business in 2021? You have arrived at the right place, as we will show you some of the best credit and debit card machines available in the UK and worldwide.

The moment when the British and world economy is changing, unemployment is high and the search for business alternatives for millions of people also increases the need for these new ventures to offer payment options to their new customers. And the card machine is one of the items most sought after by new entrepreneurs and professionals because they have acceptable rates and do not cost much initial investment.

But in the midst of so many options, how do you know which is the best credit card readers to buy in 2021 and start your sales? We will list below some of our indications to help you in this choice.

These are the 3 best credit card readers options to invest in 2021

1. Sumup

best credit card readers 2021

SamUp has one of the best rate policies for new businesses. Founded in 2012 in Berlin, SumUp is a fintech that is a leader in mobile payments (mPOS) in Europe and is experiencing high growth in the Brazilian market. Its mission is to help small businesses grow by offering them fast, intuitive and affordable solutions for accepting cards.


2. Square


Square started with a small white card reader, but it didn’t stop there. Its new reader helps its sellers to accept chip cards and NFC payments, and it also has tools for customers, such as the Cash App, which allows people to send money to friends and family instantly. Whether you’re selling at a counter or on the go, Square has just the hardware you need to ring up items and accept payments fast.

3. Verifone


Verifone is omnipresent in omnichannel – no matter where you are in the world, no matter where you are with your customer journey. Consumers want personalized experiences that let them shop where they want, how they want, when they want – on a digital device or in a store. Trusted by thousands of retailers and merchants to deliver secure and reliable payments across all channels; in-store, online and mobile.

Final considerations

If you liked our post on the best credit card readers for 2021, share this article on your social networks. If you use another credit card reader in your business and would like to share your opinion, leave a comment in our post. And remember that this list is my opinion on the subject. We are always open to other opinions.

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